Winter Park Presbyterian Church

Photos of Various Events, Activities and More

I've taken photos of various events and activities at Winter Park Presbyterian Church (WPPC) over the past several years and continue to do so. The purpose of this website is to make these photos available to you as WPPC members and friends. You may copy them, email them, print them, send links to friends, etc. And, of course, view them online like you are doing now. Here is a little bit of information that will help you do these things.

(1) If you wish, you may view a gallery (event/activity) as a slideshow. Select the gallery, then click the button in the upper RIGHT hand corner (URHC) of the screen that looks like an arrowhead and, when you click it, it says, you guessed it, slideshow.  If looking at individual gallery photos, just click on an image to get a full screen display.  NOTE - this is IMPORTANT - if you click on the image and get a full screen display you will find options for sharing (e.g., email, send a link, etc.), downloading, etc. 

(2) If you want to copy/download/save a photo, go to the Gallery view, select the photo (click it) and view it on the screen. Then look on the left side of the page and you'll see a small, downward pointing arrow. Click that arrow and the photo will be downloaded to the "downloads" folder on your computer. You can then "move" it to wherever you want to save it.

(3) You may print your saved photo(s) at home or send them to Costco, Walgreen's, Sam's, etc. All of the images have been individually color corrected prior to placing on this website. 

(4) The viewing quality of the images depends upon the color adjustment of your monitor. If your monitor is in good adjustment (I adjust mine monthly), they should look pretty good, otherwise maybe not. However, that will not affect the quality of a photo(s) when printed.

(5) Please set your browser to Full Screen view.

Basically, these are the main things I think you need to know to do your thing. If I think of anything else, I will add it. Now, a couple of other issues - please be aware that WPPC has no responsibility or ownership of this site or what goes on it. The site is registered to me and I am responsible for its content. And, you, your family, friends, associates, companies, magazines, newspapers - the list goes on - may NOT use any of these photos to make any type of profit - that would be illegal, big time, you/they could be sued (not by me, but by any of the recognizable people in the photo should they be upset by you making money from their image). I hope you enjoy the site. I will update the site with new events as they occur. Any suggestions for improvement, please speak to me at church.

Best wishes, Frank Jamison

PS - please set your browser to full screen display


Frank Jamison

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